Professional Recommendation for Stan Brown

My name is Douglas Nelson and I am the founder of Precision Neuromuscular Therapy and the president of NMT MidWest, Inc. which provides training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy across the country.

I have known Stan Brown for over twenty-five years, as a student and a colleague. His abilities as a therapist were evident from his first seminar. Stan completed all the training and went on to assist and teach Precision Neuromuscular Therapy for me.

Stan Brown's clinical skills are among the finest I have ever seen. He has a vast background to draw from; his Physical Therapy skills and education, and vast clinical experience puts him in very elite compay. I have seen Stan treat patients with the same dedication and care whether they are regular folks in his clinic or high-level professional athletes. Stan always gives his best to his clients.

Few therapists have the depth of understanding and clinical experience as does Stan. People under his care can rest assured they are getting some of the very best manual therapy available.

Douglas Nelson
President, NMT MidWest, Inc.

Testimonials - Stan Brown

I came to therapy to be treated for hip, groin and pelvic pain. Stan listened to my problem and was able to understand what so many have failed at. Doctors couldn't understand my pain and didn't really try to zero in on the pain. Ortho doctors wanted to do hip replacements. Other physical therapists were not able to reach the pain and treat it. Either they were unaware of what to treat or simply didn't know what to treat. My first visit with Stan was hands-on and a great relief to find someone who understood my pain and how to treat it. I feel positive for the first time about treatment and can hopefully now see a light at the end of a log dark tunnel that has lasted more than 8 years. If and when I am painfree I will always continue therapy with NPRC because it works.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Phyllis Morris
Stan Brown at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center has given me my life back. I had an injury in 2009 to my lower right back/hip area. The varoius doctors I saw sent me to physical therapy, gave me pain meds and several different types of injections in my back area. Nothing ever seemed to help. MRI's showed nothing surgically could be done. At one point, I was using a cane to walk and had horrible pain. I couldn't do anything I enjoyed anymore including: going out with friends, working in my yard and acreage, traveling, shopping, just getting groceries was an ordeal and caused tremendous pain.

I had basically given up hope and thought I would be this way the rest of my life. My new doctor asked if I would be willing to try something different. I told him I would be willing to try most anything. I had nothing to lose at this poit. He referred me to Stan Brown.

After some hard therapy sessions and home exercises, I started getting better range of motion in my back, hip and leg. I could walk standing straighter, then walking faster. Stan had given me my life back. He gave me a home program to do in addition to the therapy sessions. I did the home program faithfully along with therapy. In just a few months my life started getting back on track. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't met Stan.

I have referred several of my friends to Stan and they are very excited about the progress they have made as well. It goes without saying, I highly recommend Stan Brown at the Neuromuscular Pain Relief Center.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cindy Shikany
"I have been seeing Stan since March of 2004. Four months of treatent began to reverse the damage of from an injury in 2002. I am back to running 20 miles and able to cross train by riding and running on the same day. That is imortant to this tri-athlete!"
Ronald A. Hearst II
KY3 Weatherman
"The great thing about Stan is his ability to quickly find the problem and then treat you with the proper techniques to solve the problem. As a tennis professional, I have had varous physical problems due to high performance and also basic living stresses. Stan Brown has been the one therapist that has helped me get back on the court, and enjoy my job with less physical pain."
Douglas Ely
Tennis Pro
"I called Stan when my lower back was hurting. One appointment and I walked out whole. Stan is an accomplished, professional therapist.

One of my business associates was told orthopedic surgery was needed soon for a back problem. The surgeon recommended one more physical therapy appointment to hold off the "urgent" surgical need. I recommended Stan. Today that associate, because of Stan's treatments, is so much better that he rides his motorcycle from Branson to Jefferson City. He credits Stan's therapy. So do I."
Peter Herschend
Co-Founder, Silver Dollar City